Airet is an international business matching event aimed at promoting the internationalisation of the Italian companies working in the aeronautical, aerospace, and airport industries.


Emanuele Rimini Founder and Former President, Senior Partner
Massimo Metilli Sole Director
Massimo Sanvito Senior Partner
Gabriele Sgarbi Senior Partner


Commercial strategies division Head, Emanuele Rimini
Airport support, ATC & navaid division Head, Massimo Sanvito
Aviation industry and green power division Head, Gabriele Sgarbi
International relations and events organisation division Head, Massimo Metilli


Airet Air Matching 2015 was the 4th edition of the event.

First held in 2012 as an Air Show at Rimini Congress Centre, in 2014 the event took place in the Corte Francesco di Montichiari, in Brescia, becoming a real business meeting devoted to Italian and foreign companies in the aeronautical, aerospace, and airport industries. Airet’s history can be understood at best through the projects discussed during political and strategic round tables and then implemented at an international level.

Suffice it to think of Aquila 32, the new passenger airliner whose project involves three partner companies from Italy, Russia, and Chile; or of the new aircraft turbine generator (Russia and Italy); or of the contract in place between a Tunisian company and Bologna software centre.

Air Matching was established thanks to the experience and contacts of Airet Chairman Emanuele Rimini. Air Matching promotes the spirit of a club whose prestige is ensured by selected international players in this sector.


Airet Air Matching is meant to contribute to the aeronautical sector and help all the companies operating in the related supply chain.

Air Matching means conferences, theme workshops, and, above all, the opportunity for potential B2B partners to meet and interact. Highly-selected, prestigious participants, tangible business opportunities, high-level meetings, institutional representatives at an international level. These are Air Matching's main assets.